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Its divided interior compartments and pockets make it a breeze to keep your pumping and work supplies separate and organized. Made with high-quality materials and a timeless design, we think moms will want to use this bag long after they stop pumping. The only setback is its high price point, but we believe this will end up paying for itself in the long run if moms choose to use it later on as a diaper bag and general tote.

InSarah Wells was working and exclusively pumping for her daughter. She was less than thrilled with the options available for carrying her pump, accessories and work gear to and from the office every day. Because of this experience, she became an entrepreneur and designed her first breast pump bag and named it after her daughter, Maddy.

The company was launched in and continues to be a top brand among breast pump bags. This bag is a winning combination of size and organization. The two side compartments designed for holding your pump and accessories zip open and close with ease.

sarah wells pump bag comparison

All other snaps, clasps, and general hardware items are sturdy but not difficult to secure. It took some wiggling to fit the Spectra pump through the opening, but once inside, it had plenty of room in the pocket. The same is true for removing the pump, as it too takes some finagling. The straps, although stylish, could use a bit of padding to make carrying this heavy load less straining on your shoulders.

Sarah Wells Lizzy Breast Pump Bag (Black)

Overall though, we were pleased with how the thoughtful design made it a joy to use this bag. Sarah Wells has designed this bag well. The nylon material that makes up most of the bag is sturdy and durable, and the genuine leather straps and accents add a nice designer touch, bringing it a step above some of the competition. The gold metal clips for the messenger straps and the zipper hardware are solid and should hold up well over time.

Some users have noted that the stitching has come undone over time. While we did not encounter this problem, if you do have any issues with your bag, Sarah Wells offers a lifetime warranty on their products. The bottom line is, this is a heavier bag. Weighing in at 2. Once you load up this with your pump, accessories, laptop, wallet, water bottle, work documents, phone and other gear, it could lead to a sore shoulder at the end of the day.

But for a bag of this size, it is somewhat expected, especially when you consider that the contents of the bag contribute the most to the over all weight. The removable messenger strap will help to distribute the load better than the tote straps, but it is something to keep in mind.

We seriously doubt you will run out of space in this bag.

Bag Comparison Chart

The organization of this bag is enough to earn an award on its own. There are two additional mesh pockets on the opposite side and a small outer pocket large enough to fit convenience items such as a phone or keys. One thing that is cool about the Abby is that the large outer pocket unzips at the bottom and can become a luggage handle sleeve, making it more suitable for travel.

The two side pockets designed to hold your pump and pumping accessories are thermally lined and will keep milk cold for up to 6 hours with a small ice pack.

When not using the bag with a pump, there are snaps that can be used to condense the side pockets for pump and accessories against the side to create a larger inner space. Working moms continue to comment on how they often get compliments on the bag.

This is a bag that can be used first for pumping, then through the diapering years, and would not be out of place later on as a beach tote or overnight bag.Whether you prefer the sleek, professional style of Abby, or the textured look of the new Suzy, we're here to help you find the pump bag that will work best for you.

A group of over 2, friendly mamas who are all there to help each other succeed.

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Happy 7th Anniversary to Sarah Wells Bags! You pick your favorite bundle, and the discount will apply automatically! Thank you for all Read more. This year, we've got another All Sarah Wells Bags are designed and prototyped by Sarah herself with input from the pumping mama community. Sarah knows pumping moms need fast, efficient and easy.

These bags are not a generic tote bag, but rather, have specialized, innovative compartments to fit most portable pumps on the market!

Knowing that mamas need to transport their breast milk on-the-go, Sarah designed all of the side pockets on her bags to have thermal materials which will keep breast milk cold for up to 6 hours with an ice pack. Sarah knows that mamas have a wide-range of style preferences, so she offers bags in a range of colors, prints and classic neutrals; something for every mom.

Sarah stands behind every bag purchased from us or an authorized retailer and offers a lifetime warranty on workmanship and materials. Started in with one bag the MaddySarah Wells Bags has grown to offer more than 30 bags and accessories specifically designed to make the PumpLife easier. Sarah herself reads all mama feedback, and takes everything to heart when creating her next bag. What does this mean? Every bag is better than the last, because it was designed in part by YOU.

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sarah wells pump bag comparison

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WHAT'S IN MY MOMMY BAG?! Sarah Wells Bag

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sarah wells pump bag comparison

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